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53rd St: in store
Studio 2: Bay 9, 5108 52nd St (North of Superstore)


Q: How much do lessons cost? 
A: Rates differ from teacher to teacher but the average is $20-$25 per half hour lesson.

Q: When are lessons available and how often are they? 
A: The most popular times are weekday afternoons and evenings with the latest lesson starting at 8:30pm. The standard is one half hour lesson per week. Your lesson once booked will be at the same time each week.

Q: Are group lessons available? 
A: Our lessons are one on one so that the student will get their teachers undivided attention.


Dan BartonDrums / Percussion53rd St.
Carlos CopabanDrums / Percussion53rd St.
Kji RumohrDrums / Percussion53rd St.
Ryan MarchantDrums/PercussionStudio2

Guitar / Bass

Nathan CourtAcoustic / ElectricStudio 2
Ryan MarchantAcoustic / Electric / BassStudio 2
Josh RickardAcoustic / Electric53rd St.
Jeremy DoodyAcoustic / ElectricStudio 2
Braden GregoireAcoustic / Electric53rd St.
Mike VeenstraAcoustic / ElectricStudio 2
Mitchell ChaseAcoustic / Electric53rd St.
Kji RumohAcoustic / Electric / Bass53rd St.
Melody StangAcoustic / ElectricStudio 2
Jesse MykietiakAcoustic / Electric53rd St.


Melody Stang

Studio 2
Morgan Mckee53rd St.
Kathy Skelton53rd St.
Dani HaydukStudio 2
Kayla WilliamsStudio 2
Tammy ClarkStudio 2


Kathy Skelton53rd St.
Dani HaydukStudio 2
Kayla WilliamsStudio 2

Violin / Cello

Tammy ClarkStudio 2
Krystyna SpradoStudio 2


Morgan McKeeTheory, Saxophone, Flute53rd St.
Mike VeenstraUkulele and Mandolin

Studio 2

Dan BartonUkulele53rd St.

Jesse Mykietiak

Nathan Court



53rd St.

Studio 2